Michael Paul

Charleston, South Carolina, US

Michael's Skills
Business Development

About Michael

Developers, please read this entire post about this first-mover opportunity.

I am the non-technical cofounder of a digital media company that will allow consumers to connect with advertisements in a new way. It will complement existing advertisements. Our first iteration will focus on online advertisements. We will need to work virtually for at least the first few months, but this should be no problem.

We have investors and companies interested and have solid mentors with success in the technology industry (most based in Atlanta). One of the possible investors is an angel investor who is willing and able to set up a call with GroupM which purchases about a third of all online advertisements worldwide.

I have been working with a very experienced technical co-founder over the past few months and we have decided we need to bring on another technical co-founder to expedite our development. Our new co-founder will be expected to work about ten hours a week in exchange for a large share in the company.

Our platform is written in Java and based on MongoDB. We have our designs, CSS3, HTML5, and initial framework in place.

We are looking to launch as soon as possible, and we believe this can be a huge service with our market mover advantage.