Michael Pfeiffer

Scottsdale, Arizona, US

Entrepreneure, Founder/Owner of Mantis-Pro​. / Avatar Shuttle Service & Tours
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On Feb 3rd 1983,  I moved to SD Cal. to start a new venture, developing a Sandal, called Mantis Sandals. Now, I can not explain to you all the absolutely amazing accomplishments that I achieved over the next seven years, but in short I created that dream.  
     For the next two years we researched other Sandals and how they were constructed, materials used, concepts and the sales and marketing behind them, and by the end of the first year we had determined that there was a niche in the market for a healthy, comfortable, stylish Sandal that's reasonably priced. We also concluded that if we could ride on the comet's tail we would be very successful (the commit being Birkenstock) Birkenstock was, is and always will be the number one selling sandal and this is why we focused a lot on the health factor of the design.

     Mantis Sandals has designed a very unique upper that allows individuals with some disability's to easily slip into and secure the sandals with little effort.  The Beachcomber Style is designed with two straps that crisscross the arch, one across the toes, and one back around the heal. Its snug fit holds your foot into the contour of the Sandal and is flexible with every step that feels just like you're barefoot. Its anatomical shape ideally supports the natural walking action of your foot. Your feet, joints and back are protected. At the same time, your feet and leg muscles are exercised, increasing blood flow and your health and well being benefit as a result.
    All total combined you have a very lightweight, machine washable, Healthy, Orthopedic, Comfortable, Casual Sandal Shoe that is State of the Art in Foot Support and Development, and is reasonably price.  

     Having designed 75 different styles ranging in price from  $7.99 to $180.00 in some High Fashion Lady's Boutiques.  Over 500 stores in five states and two other countries, ( Guam,  British Columbia ) 65 stores on the islands of Hawaii, a member of 64 Chamber of Commerce, Sponsored World Champion Surfer Glen Winton, a #1 four man sand volleyball team in Wia Maia Bey Hi, 2500 announcements for three summers in a row on 91X radio in SD Cal., and completed 84 venues throughout the US selling directly to the public. 

     Mantis-Pro is a re start up manufacturer, distributor of innovative ideas. First and foremost Mantis Sandals, are handmade state of the art in design and support, casual looking, high quality materials, lightweight, machine washable, the insole is made up of memory cells which conforms specifically to the individual wearer, better known as the sandbox effect. Let me tell you the response to my sandals is phenomenal , and having been sold on the Market for Five solid years they have proven them selve viable, Marketable by the customer.

     If this seems like something that you can get very excited about get in touch with me to discuss how your Professional Skills will be beneficial to Mantis-Pro.  


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