Michael Phillip

Easton, Maryland, US

Michael's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Michael

I'm a CPA with a background in public accounting. I currently work for a small non-profit in Maryland as their Assistant Director of Operations. I am looking for a partner(s) who is proficient in computer programming to join GivingLink. The company is for-profit marketing platform for non-profit organizations. GivingLink aims to provide a third way for individuals to engage in philanthropy. Currently, a person can either give their money or their time to a particular cause; GivingLink would quantify a person's attention to philanthropic issues and work with non-profits to incorporate this third form of engagement into their marketing strategy. Additionally, GivingLink would act as a platform for nonprofits to engage their donors on a routine basis, satisfying a crucial need of the non-profit community to maintain regular communication with their donors.

I'm looking for a team of developers who desire to put meaning behind their work by contributing towards cultural renewal. Developers should have prior work experience, specifically in algorithm development/software coding. Partners must be willing to work for no pay until funding is obtained. In lieu of salary, partners will receive equity shares in the company. It is expected that GivingLink will be a priority outside of their full-time job, occupying much of their free time. Once funding is obtained and/or sufficient growth is realized, partners should be willing to quit their existing jobs and join GivingLink fulltime.