Michael Pritt

Raleigh, North Carolina, US

Michael's Skills
Product Management

About Michael

I have developed a concept for a mobile gaming application. It is a one of kind concept however that could revolutionize gaming, geared solely towards revenue generation. I have already investigated and began to develop the feasibility. The next hurdle is actually setting up the company, and getting legal protection of the idea protected.

There are so many moving parts involved that I simply cant make it happen fast enough. I work full time and support a family, and until I get a partner who can help align the "ducks", its very hard to move toward raising capital and having things materialize. Once the proverbial ducks are aligned however, I can see a capital round as soon as six months.

To truly develop this company, we will need a partner who can pick up certain aspects, help implement the mechanics of all the moving parts, and of course be available for early brain storming breakfasts!