Michael Ramirez

Denver, Colorado, US

Michael's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Michael

I am a programmer/musician with 20 years experience creating consumer-facing + enterprise web applications for other people and myself.

I have now launched a marketing and cloud-hosting platform that helps independent musicians, record labels, and audio content creators securely host and monetize their content on all the important streaming and download sites such as iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, even Bandcamp. What separates us from any other is the tools we provide. There is no other platform or distribution business creating tools at this level.

The platform also supports promotional channel such as Soundcloud and Youtube and any service with an API. The tools on the platform make it easy to manage multiple record labels and generate highly engaging campaigns based on their existing audio and artwork assets.

An added benefit to the platform is the empowerment it brings to artists as independent direct-to-fan content creators. Each year, musicians are getting fed up and taking the independent road and promoting their own sites instead of iTunes, Spotify etc..

That's why this platform allows creators to do both traditional retail plus direct-to-fan; and gives them the tools to properly push their brand and do more with their content.

The platform is already finished and working with some paying customers. I need help executing on marketing plans and building the business to its full potential.