Michael Riddering

St. Louis, Missouri, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 1 startup

About Michael

I'm passionate about startups, specifically ecommerce and the relationship between people and brands. I've been refining an idea for a couple years now and am looking for a technical cofounder.

Startups are not a hobby and not something fun to do after graduation. This is what I want to do for the entirety of my professional career. I am passionate and am not afraid of failure. I believe the 3 most important qualities of a tech startup leader are 1) being able to articulate the vision 2) being able to motivate the team, and 3) being able to execute.

My skills: first and foremost I'm a product guy and a designer. I'm also a highly effective communicator. There's almost nothing I'd rather be doing than pitching/public speaking, and I'm also an accomplished writer. I have just recently been diving into content marketing. I also focus on business development, and am the type of founder who will call anyone/everyone in order to grow the business. Lastly, I am a born leader and am confident in my ability to build and motivate a cohesive team.

My personality: I find this equally important as any business qualification. You'll find me very easy to work with, friendly and I make it a personal goal to only build others up. I'm looking for a friend as much as a business partner.

My experience: I have three years startup experience in various industries. I worked for a prominent tech accelerator in St. Louis, a successful ecommerce startup in Boulder, and worked for a year for one of the first companies to enter the anonymous social media space. As a whole I've spent the past 3 years learning everything I can about startups/venture capital.

My needs: I need a technical cofounder, and would love a chance to share my vision with you. I'm not looking for someone to merely implement my ideas...I am looking for someone who wants to work together to create amazing products and a new media landscape.

When it comes down to it...I'm a hustler..all I need is the right partner.


Depauw University

Business Economics

2014 - 2014


Capital Innovators