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I have 13 years of work experience as a consultant / software architect / solo entrepreneur. I was a co-founder of two successful software companies in the RFID and Ticketing industries (infinidtech.com and tixtrack.com) and now I'm looking to launch another. In addition, I currently own and operate an e-commerce website in my spare time that does well over $1 million in sales annually. On a personal level, I'm a fun guy that is always ready to make people laugh--most people would not guess I'm a tech guy :)

I believe that "marketplace selling" is going to skyrocket in coming years and this creates many opportunities for brands and factories to sell direct through the largest merchants like Amazon.com, Newegg.com and Buy.com. Based upon my own experiences as a business owner in e-commerce I believe there is a huge void here--one worth 10's to 100's of millions of dollars. My idea is for an enterprise class software-as-a-service product to help factories, brands and established retailers integrate easily with multiple marketplaces to sell their goods through a variety of channels. I have many other ideas for complementary products that can shorten the supply chain, help customers analyze their product pricing and optimize their ROI on inventory holdings.

I currently have a working prototype. I'm looking for a partner to help get a few beta customers and then quickly raise angel investment.

I'm looking for a partner that is a charismatic leader, a passionate entrepreneur and a strategic thinker with a strong work ethic. You must have a head for marketing and be fearless when it comes to approaching new customers, developing strategic partnerships and closing deals.

Thanks for reading, drop me a line if you think you're a fit!


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