Michael Roman

New York, New York, US

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Business Development

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Michael

I am an entrepreneur and founding member of a VC backed recycled diamond trading firm with global reach. The diamond trade is an old world business, largely untouched by technology. My exposure to the diamond trade made me realize that there are many ways that technology can positively impact the trade, increase transparency and release value. I am particularly obsessed with exploring a few technological implementations.

I have traded and graded diamonds across the globe and I have vast expertise in technical diamond grading, valuations, sales and negotiations as well knowledge of the industry and contacts throughout the trade.

I'm looking for someone with a strong technical background in machine learning or machine vision. Experience with classifier development, feature computation, Hadoop and artificial neural networks are all pluses. I value a strong intellectual curiosity and an open mind. I am deeply excited about the opportunity and look forward to meeting with interested candidates.


Wesleyan University


2009 - 2009