Michael S.

Denver, Colorado, US

Michael S.'s Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Michael S.

I have developed a business platform that brings the Uber model to the Real Estate Industry. The service brings agents together with interested and qualified customers. The introductions take place in front of listings that are open and available for immediate showings. Revenue is generated from the customer introduction and the home listing.
The business platform was conceptualized over 10 years ago and it has been held in development to be released until the optimal market and industry conditions. I have conducted extensive alpha testing to hundreds of real estate agents, brokers and even the CEO of the most successful real estate search engine in the industry. The model has evolved into, what I feel will be viable and highly profitable business plan. The business method/process is currently patent pending. A similar, but less viable model recently placed 2nd in the Realology FWD Innovation Summit. The rollout and three metro ramp-up is being closely monitored as a proof-of-concept.

I am seeking a Technical Co-Founder. My chosen Co-Founder and I will start by completing several incubator application submissions.

An ideal Technical Co-Founder will have expertise, credentials and experience in the following areas:

• An expert in coding – preferably multiple languages
• Anan understanding of the intersection of business and technology when making strategic decision making
• Relevant history problem-solving to the domain of this startup. An agent facing GPS based app similar in feel to the Uber App
• Involvement with a known real estate tech company or company developed around GPS technology (Preferred)
• Experience in designing systems for scalable growth
• Track-record of meeting deadlines
• Organized, with the ability to prioritize
• Capable of taking the lead and constructively listening to feedback
• CS degree from top tier school (Preferred)
• Expertise in Java and Objective-C
• Solid understanding of iOS Core Location, Google Maps API, SimpleGeo, etc.