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Los Angeles, California, US

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I am seeking an Engineer (product design/electrical) and Programmer who are interested in working toward the creation of a brand new Augmented Reality tech product in exchange for a stake in the company.

Cofounder Specifics:

• An engineer (mechanical/electrical) who can assist with the physical product design, create electrical schematics, printed circuit board, compose and wire the electrical components such as audio, video display, cameras, battery and more.

• A programmer to create the software which includes the necessity to connect via Bluetooth to cell phones, record from external cameras, augmented reality programming, and more.

The above can be the same person should qualifications match.

The product is a new product which has a considerable demographic and interest in the market. The market will experience a rapidly increasing growth rate over the next few years, projected to reach $387M by 2024.

Initially we would create our AR prototype to patent then bring to market for sales. I am happy to discuss the product and concept prior with a signed NDA, non-disclosure & non-compete agreement.

Connect with me and/or send message if interested. Please only serious inquires who are willing to forgo payment up front in exchange for profit and a piece of the company. Prefer engineers & techs located in the US if possible as this would likely be the easiest for meeting.