Michael Sullivan

New York, New York, US

Michael's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Michael

I'm a Technologist with good depth and many creative product/service/business ideas. Since I do work FT, I am unable to solely explore most of these ideas but from time to time I do build prototypes as I am a web developer. I work at a Marketing Agency and do a lot of coding and content marketing as well as client relations and am involved with many other tasks. I tend to stay tuned with current technologies and often an early adopter. I've also been a pioneer in some ways... heavily involved in Videoblogging before Youtube existed, early Bitcoin advocate, and even coined and defined the term "Crowdfunding" in 2006 while working on a dev project.

I would like to explore some innovative ideas and collaborate with others that could help me bring them to fruition. I'm also looking forward to learning about other ideas so this is not just about my vision. I would love to have a relationship with someone who is willing to experiment in the early stages and not be overly concerned about financial investment early on. I want to evolve with co-founders and let the path lead us to success, even if that means failures along the way.

Essentially, I want an "experimental labs" type of environment and mindset and not get distracted with the ongoing noise of startup culture. I want patience to see where interesting and unique ideas can go and what may branch from these ideas... ultimately seeking one or more viable products/services and hopefully an actual business model that can sustain a new company into the future.

In a nutshell, looking for casual co-workers right now and hoping that some of you out there are in a similar situation and willing to collaborate virtually and IRL when convenient.

I used "eCommerce" as industry but this should not imply that the ideas and motivations for working with others is solely limited to this industry.