Michael Yagudaev

San Francisco, California, US

Web/Mobile Developer | Rails, ReactJS, JS | Rapid Prototype Development @ nano3labs
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About Michael

* In 2010, worked for BlackBerry on making the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) work on the new QNX operating system. A key project at the time which eventually enabled Blackberry to make BlackBerry messenger and other software run on the Playbook and newer devices.

* In 2012, helped re-write image uploader for Vidigami in Node.js to handle user uploads of entire photo albums with hundreds of photos from any device. Previous implementation was in Ruby on Rails and would chuck on even a dozen photos.

* In 2013, started a startup to help event organizers find event spaces with 2 other co-founders. We found out the hard way the difference between a good project and a good business. Sadly for us, it was the former not the latter. The business avenue proved to be, event consulting, something none of us was interested in doing, so we chose to abandon the business

* In 2014 worked on Rivalmap a product we bought at Klue to help boost the business and tap into existing clients as we were building the next generation. We migrated the product to a new Cloud service provider, Heroku, stabilized the app which was showing its age with a legacy version of Rails and a large technical debt due to low investment in development before the product was sold. Two years later in 2016 Rivalmap still has new signups and happy customers using it as they slowly begin the transition to the new platform Klue.

* In late 2014, migrated a large e-commerce Rails Application from legacy Rails 2.3 to Rails 4. We also migrated the Admin interface to Active Admin to make it easy for Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to service the clients. We also included additional speed optimizations which translated into a higher conversion rate.

* In 2014, helped build CFL (Canadian Football League) pick'em app. A simpler version of fantasy football.

* In 2015, built a full fledged Single Page Application for a large university who presented the project in the UN and Bill Gates himself received a demo of it. We did not have .NET expertise required for the backend development in house. To complete this project we received help from a remote team 10 timezones away, which I was able to successfully manage to help us deliver on everything.

* In 2016, started nano(3)labs a consulting company with a goal to become a product company. We started by working on a Chrome Extension for Klue to help collect and collaborate on competitive intelligence. Managed to speed up the extension, make it stable and add a few useful features like file uploading and taking screenshots.

Work Experience

Web Application Developer


February 2012 - December 2016