Michelle Glorieux

Sunnyvale, California, US

education guru; linguist; creative mind; writer; developer; CEO looking for techie co-founder
Michelle's Skills
Business Development
Public Relations

About Michelle

I'm looking for someone who can develop technology to be incorporated into a traditional looking book, rendering it interactive/responsive. Project is developed, drawn and ready to roll. Just need the right person(s) who can develop the technical part; carry out the technological vision.
I'm an educational guru & linguist; have lived and worked around the globe (spent the last 7 in Europe; recently relocated to Silicon Valley). Dreaming up ways to teach the little guys language keeps me up most nights. Learning while having unadulterated fun is the goal!
Have a developed marketing plan; ready to start selling immediately in Europe and America once technological part implemented.
Serious inquiries only, please. Willing to work around the clock; no nonsense woman; but also active mom with treasured family priorities.

I've taught English and French around the globe. Also have a degree in Mass Communications so spent a decade working television (investigative producer). Dual majors have allowed me to wear many hats and gain a vast array of professional experience - TV news, research, photography; teaching (Korea, Europe, USA - children, IB program, gifted students, and even university level). I'm curious, hardworking and I do whatever it takes to get it done. I'll only do something if I can do it well. Subpar won't do. As a teacher and mother of a child with 4 daily languages I became aware of a void in the market place. Working to fill that...



Make it happen. - MG