Michelle Yagelski

Denver, Colorado, US

Michelle's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Michelle

I want to do meaningful work and am empowered by the challenges and experiences of creating solutions with bleeding edge technology. With technology integration, we can provide a more simplistic and efficient roadmap to achieving more and yielding better results. I am fascinated by (And, want to be a part of) this higher level/forward thinking technology that is 'creating a better world.'

My company MyBit, is bringing an intelligent automation software solution to solve the mutually dependent needs of all users within the property and casualty insurance industry.
I am currently looking for a technical partner and business partners (finance) to start gaining traction.

I have over 10 years of solution sales and business development experience. I started a business while I was in college and grew it to a state-wide company. I feel I have that 'fire in my belly' to do great things beyond working for someone else. I work great alone but believe I work better in a team and would love to build one or be part of one. I am always willing to do what is needed and take on more than the role was intended for to reach the goals of the company.

I am passionate, curious as hell, love to learn, honest, make good things great (maximizer), thrill seeker, authentic, problem solver, always helping and connecting people, always improving.