Miguel E. Hernandez

New York, New York, US

Miguel E.'s Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Miguel E.

I’m pretty new to the business development and tech worlds. I am an entrepreneurial person nonetheless and really passionate about social innovation and the use of technology to improve lives. As an academic researcher in education for over 5 years, I am constantly in contact with institutions, educators and students. As a result of my work and exposure, I have gained valuable insight into the industry (market opportunities). I am really interested in Ed Tech and filling some of the gaps existing companies have not covered or done so ineffectively.

Currently I have partnered with a community college advisor and another tech entrepreneur, who has successfully launched his own e-business, to develop some of our ideas and turn them into a viable company. Our goal is to become a relevant player in the industry.

We are looking for a technical person – a programmer/developer – who is very confortable turning concepts into reality. We are small team in the beginning stages and so we recognize that everyone will have to wear multiple hats. In addition, we want to attract someone who shares our passion for education and revolutionizing the way it is delivered and consumed.