Miguel Quintana Ph.D.

Stockholm, Sweden

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Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

About Miguel

Miguel Quintana Ph.D. is founder of http://www.mindfulnets.org and creator of Minfulness TS apps for online research and training in mindfulness. JOIN US and train online healthy habits of mind, reduce stress and feel better.

As an entrepreneur in the field of e-health & mobile-health, he was founder and CEO of O3 Wellbeing Solutions Co. Ltd. (2007-2012) a technology-based company specialized in mindfuness-based apps develoment and stress management training delivery at worksite. He is an awarded international researcher in Clinical Mindfulness (2005), 4-years researcher scholarship holder at University of Tsukuba in Japan (2002-2006) and prize-winning young entrepreneur in Spain by Complutense University of Madrid (2007) and “Emprendedores” Magazine (2009). He is Ph.D. in psychology from Complutense University of Madrid.

Miguel is specialized in MBSR and mindfulness, having received his training from University of Massachusetts (Center for Mindfulness, 2006-2011-2012). Miguel has guided MBSR for stressed workers, fibromyalgia and cancer patients and in educational and corporate settings since 2007.

I enjoy working in multidisciplinary teams in e-health and mobile-health projects to face a worldwide challenge: Developing mindfulness-based web and mobile applications to inspire and empower people to overcome stress-related dis-eases and life challenges.

My profile merges: business skills (start-ups development, web and mobile health apps design) and a scientific research background in health promotion, mindfulness and sport psychology.


Complutense University


2016 - 2016


Ph. D.