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Boston, Massachusetts, US

And this is how I got on this website...
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I'll never forget my first public review for a product I designed. I just started selling on Amazon and wasn’t soliciting for any reviews yet. But here came an unexpected email. A "five star" review with warm and insightful comments. You don't get this kind of feeling from sales. It was very encouraging to validate a positive impact on someone's life.

I realized that whatever I do next I want my business to have certain qualities. It should create value for people; benefit society in general; be fair to its employees and be profitable. In that order. Many examples confirm it's possible. So how do we go about creating such a company?

I said "we", because of all the business ingredients: idea, timing, plan, team - the latter seems to be the most important one. I know I'd take a better team over a better idea. The secret is how you mix complementary skills.

I have 10+ years of e-commerce experience including practical skills in web design (front end, UI), graphic design (web, print, video) and marketing (SEM, SEO, affiliate, email, trade shows). I have a bachelor degree in Management from Boston University. Academic credentials are less important to me than experience and passion for the occupation. If you happen to have similar views - say "Hello".

Finding the right business partner can be challenging. However today, the internet offers a potential "hack" to meeting people fast. Now, which entrepreneur wouldn’t try a good hack?

And this is how I got on this website.

Current projects:
- MVP for a marketplace.
- MVP Internet's best alternative review system.
- Classifieds site (close to beta)

For these projects the following skills would be ideal: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Wordpress expert level or Android, iOS. Though I understand that cool stuff can be built with other tools.

If you like sales, I have an opportunity waiting right now. Individuals only.

Thank you,


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. - African Proverb