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And this is how I got on this website...
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You know the odds of founding a successful start-up. According to Forbes, 9 out 10 are not going to make it. The good news is that according to Paul Graham, one of the founders of Y-combinator, it does not need to be that way. His advice is to iterate often; this can help to find the market fit faster and avoid running out of cash. I agree with Paul.

From my personal experience launching an apparel brand, expanding from clothing to accessories made all the difference in financial returns. The feedback from customers also gave me something extra: an encouragement, a source of energy to go forward.

I realized that whatever I do next I want my business to have certain qualities. It should create value for people; benefit society in general; be fair to its employees and be profitable. In that order. Still with me? Great.

How we are going to build a successful company.

I said "we", because of all the business ingredients: idea, timing, plan, team - the latter seems to be the most important one. No doubt it is great to plan it out right the first time. But, as the history shows, most ideas will need adjusting to what works best. With the right team “the change” is easy, because everyone understands it is part of the game. Look at numerous come-back examples in sports and business. A losing team finds a way to win by adjusting their game and not repeating the same mistakes that made it lagging behind in the first place.

How to create a solid team.

In culinary terms, the complementary skills would serve as basic ingredients. You need more than just apples to make an apple pie, right? Personal chemistry is also important. Good teams seem to have just the right balance of both. Yes, finding the right business partner can be challenging, especially when you add the timing element to the equation. However today, the internet offers a potential "hack" to meeting people fast. Now, which entrepreneur wouldn’t try a good hack?

And this is how I got on this website.

Designing products is my favorite, then goes marketing and business administration. I’ve created the following products:

- 2 online marketplaces (art, meditation)
- An online review platform for creatives
- A classifieds website for musicians

Do you like sales or coding? Let me know what you’ve done in the past.

- Mik

P.S: A few words about my skills:
10+ years of e-commerce experience including practical skills in web design (front end, UI), graphic design (web, print, video) and marketing (SEM, SEO, affiliate, email, trade shows). I have a bachelor degree in Management from Boston University. Academic credentials are less important to me than experience and passion for the occupation.

P.P.S. Another very important success element is product timing. So don't be shy, say "Hello".


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. - African Proverb