Mike Achour

Los Angeles, California, US

Mike's Skills
Product Management

About Mike


My name is Mike.

About Me and My Startup
I am from Morocco, moved to Los Angeles 10 years ago, I studied Business Management in CSUN, took care of the whole marketing and e-commerce division of a big uniform company. My job increased their sales by 1.5 . After doing a lot of research and interviews, i found out that the marketing solution and e-commerce strategies was a perfect solution to connect local consumers to their local businesses, and bring more foot traffic to their retail stores while increasing the retention rate of their existing customer. I am a big fan of the lean startup method.

My motto: When you want something, you can have it no matter what it is.
My passion: Helping the poor and succeeding.I love deep house, burning man, beach, travel.
I am super hard worker, I can work up to 18 hours every day and love every moment of it.

My Status:
I have an LLC incorporated.
I have a wireframe and a prototype of the project.
I have some clients that already told me that once the project is ready they will use the application for their business.

What Iam Looking for:
A fun outgoing person that would like to be part of this venture with me.
I can pay either a small base and give shares of the company or if you are a big risk taker I could give a bigger part of the shares of the company.
I don't need someone to develop the app and go, but I need a technical person who has the ambitions to succeed in life and wants to join and fight to get this startup up and running.
Based on my business plan, after the first year of launching by doing contract with only 2000 businesses, we can get up 600,000 users, and from there it will be exponential.
You need to have experience in coding. The more the better, but the app will be developed in Native so C, C++, Ios design , android, working with big datas and apis...
Its ok, if you learn while on the job, I just need someone with strong bases that is very ambitious willing to learn a tons of thing and ambitious to succeed.