Mike Cooper


San Jose, California, US

Mike's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Mike

I am an experienced startup CEO & CTO with an excellent business/product sense that can convert an idea into a successful product.

I have 25+ years of strong developer/programmer/engineer experience developing large (1M+ line) products. I have founded 4 startups, 1 of which has been operating profitably for 20+ years.

I recently left a startup where I was a Founder and CTO after the difficult realization that I no longer believed the team would be successful in the long run.

I have also developed and launched 3 products which failed miserably. These failed products where done 100% by me without a co-founder/partner. One of the key lessons I learned from these failures was that I can't do it all myself. I need to find the right person to compliment my skills.

I also have 25+ years of experience in the IT space in various senior management and technical roles.

My passion is more on the technical side than on business development/marketing though I do have skills and experience in those areas. I am primarily looking for a partner who brings the same level of experience and passion I have, but focused on business development/marketing.

Currently I am working on a new startup in the IT Security space.

I am seeking a select, limited number of opportunities to be an Advisory Board member of startups where I can have an impact. My goal is to leverage my many years of business and technical experience to help you avoid many of the mistakes I made. If we are a good match I will ask for a small equity stake in your startup.