Mike Hall

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, US

Mike's Skills
Product Management

About Mike

Hello, I am a serial entrepreneur who started a construction company after moving here 3 years ago and achieved revenue of nearly 250k in the first full year without spending one dollar on advertising. I marketed my services online and that company grew from there, with my passion for online marketing and small business SEO I created RevuCue (revucue.com).

It is a web based program designed to automate and make easy the process of obtaining online reviews for local businesses, it is a software as a service business model where businesses pay monthly to subscribe and use the app. In addition to getting online reviews my application also acts as a basic CRM, Reputation Management, Organic SEO, and an Email Re-Marketing Tool.

The functionality of the program is complete and I have test users that prove that it works! The product is designed to fit into almost any business process and provide multiple points of value. One of our test users got rating & reviews from 62% of their customers within the first 2 weeks of testing and that increased their organic ranking for a number of key words on Google.

I have explored utilizing value added re-sellers such as existing marketing and advertising companies to resell RevuCue and so far I have received a lot of enthusiasm with a number of "cold calls" lasting over an hour discussing my product.

I do have my first paying customer and at this point I know I have a great product and am exploring the possibility of taking this journey with a co-founder who could add business expertise and additional funding to the mix and get this business off the ground.

I have already invested countless hours and a lot of dollars getting RevuCue to this point and I am passionate about making it into a business, I have enough technical knowledge to manage the creation, distribution and maintenance of a web based tech product like this and the ability to survive as a business owner, and a long track record of being a top outside sale person (selling B2B $3 million in industrial rental equipment in New York City in my first year as an outside Sales Engineer for a company that used to be called NuTemp).

I have many strengths in sales, technology, ingenuity (I even have a patent in my name that I obtained on my own years ago) and the ability to create a product from an idea and see it come alive.

I am in search of a complimentary co-founder who has strengths in business building and can manage people (a good CEO) and shares a passion for marketing and sales.

The video I provided below is a draft that will explain the basin functionality of the program I created.

Contact me anytime and lets transform this product into a profitable business!