Mike Masello

Cleveland, Ohio, US

Mike's Skills
Product Management

About Mike

With over 13 years in digital marketing I bring a blend of experience in conversion/direct marketing, content/brand/product and partner management with a knack for driving increased ROI. Across my tenure I’ve helped Fortune 500 companies and small startups alike grow their bottom line with multi-million dollar impacts several times in my career.

I'm looking to build a web or mobile based business with a co-founder or two.

Key Achievements:

Grew web sales 300% for Embrace Pet Insurance. Was brought on to help take them out of start-up mode and move them to a successful exit. In 3.5 years reshaped the strategic vision for the web and online marketing including branding and design, assessing our place in the market.

Grew the bottom line at AmericanGreetings.com over $4MM during my time managing acquisition/conversion marketing.

Made a 7-figure impact during my one year at Step2.com (the largest toy manufacturer in the US).

Led acquisition at EastMeetEast taking the product from zero to thousands of users helping the co-founders secure seed funding.