Mike O'Meara

Houston, Texas, US

Mike's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Mike

When you see that I am not active on this site, it is because I get a lot of inquires basically trying to sell me something or a sell me a service. I would be very open to joining a start up in a part time basis. If you need "buy in" on the front in and have identified big accounts that will get your/our business to the next level, I am an excellent closer. I am polished and have a knack of getting to the bottom line in short order.
I have multiple businesses that I have set up to run themselves. I am developing a 22 home, Class "A", subdivision in Groves, Texas, I exclusively represent a Fortune 500 company (Advance Auto Parts) surplus Texas portfolio (since Fall 2010) as a one-man shop, and have an online residential retail hurricane window company (that I am not very passionate about) set up to "disrupt" this industry for the many customers who want to avoid the in home presentation. I am looking for a highly technical eCommerce whiz able to take idea inception to prototype phase. I need someone who thinks HUGE and looks at ways to build a functional prototype. This partner must be well versed in the "new" economy- free information, crowdsourcing/funding, MASK marketing, and expert skills in eCommerce. Co-founding is the way to go; I do not have the technical skills but you can leverage my closing skills to get to the next level-