Mike Soertsz

Singapore, Singapore

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Product Management

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Founded 1 startup

About Mike

I'm a self-taught designer and coder. I started my design company in 2010 and have steadily grown...bootstrapping, running lean, making a tonne of mistakes but surviving. My company is HQ'd in Singapore, and I actually live between Singapore, Colombo (where I was born), and Kuala Lumpur where I do business in all three markets.

So far my Entrepreneurial journey has been pretty lonely, and tough, but I have no intention of stopping. I recognize however that I definitely need a mentor for advice now that I've reached a state where I have MVP, have tested, have gotten sales...and now need to expand internationally by securing capital. I'm at the point where I need to grow from a designer/coder/product developer...to a proper CEO.

I'm smart, hard working, grew up all over the world, and live and breath technology and software.


University of Technology Sydney

Bachelor of Business

2007 - 2007