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Mike Turner

Business Developer, Product Manager, Engineer

Chicago, Illinois, US


About Mike

In between startups now, looking to join or found another one at an early stage level. I have roughly 8 years of experience in the gaming industry in mobile and web games. In this industry, companies are often tasked to build a game product from scratch, launch it, operate, and be responsible for acquiring users, retaining them, and monetizing them. This full cycle product development is what I have experience in and I have particular interest in product operation. I enjoy finding ways to drive users to product, find out how best to engage/monetize them, and measure this with a metrics or statistics platform (3rd party or homebrewed).

So I'm looking to join a startup doing a consumer facing product to help the drive its expansion. I am flirting with a few right now that I may become a partner in, but open to new opportunities.

Also, I have google glass! I aim to become fluent in glass and be on the bleeding edge of app developers.