Milo Hyben

Sydney, Australia

Milo's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Milo

I have been developing software and designing systems for 19 years. Managed small team for 2 years. One of systems I had designed and developed has been in production for over a decade without major maintenance bringing revenue in millions per year to the business. I had tried to startup a few businesses before without success. I have learned from my mistakes and I think I am ready now. I am very passionate about Lean & Agile. I enjoyed participating in Startup weekend. I am very keen on helping other small businesses. I am looking for cofounder with complementing skills with whom I can share my passions. Someone with design or marketing or sales skills would be preferred.

I have currently 2 products in MVP stage.
One targeted at recruiting software developers, analysing their technical skills using their public profile using data mining on static code analysis. Resumes are so last century, we analyse developers actual work.
The second product is targeted at non-tech managers and co-founders. Analysing source code for structural quality, bringing transparency into the process of managing software developers, e.g. freelancers.

If you are passionate about recruiting or IT management than please get in touch.


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