Ming Tsui

Oakland, California, US

Ming's Skills
Product Management

About Ming

At my age of 53, I imagine myself to do some social project for humanity and make a big impact for the world. I'm retired so this project is more about contributing to the world by creating a company that is partly owned by Humanity. This is the first company in existence that will be owned by humanity but we will set up two entities- one is 100 % owned by humanity and one is 25% owned by humanity and 75% are owned by co-founders so we have the incentives to build this project into a success. The company name MyHumanity.org

The first social impact program is to offer free college degree education program online but later on when we grow bigger we will build a brick and mortar university called Humanity Institute of Knowledge. The first degree programs are for technical degrees like Computer science or Physics. This university is very flexible and do not need students to study social liberal arts but instead concentrate on technical subjects so we don't waste students time in their pursue of technical knowledge.

We require students to form groups to study and also compete in projects with other groups of students. This will motivate learning and also let people learn to share knowledge and help fellow students to succeed. We do not allow every person to enroll in our studies because we want to make sure people are qualified to have basic knowledge to become a scientists or programmer since not everyone can become a programmer or scientist.

This will help ensure less drop out rate also. This also helps motivate people to enroll and learn with commitment. This will be a real education not just online classes. We will turn out the top technical people for the world to improve it. I envision this new online university can rival MIT one day in the future and maybe even top it.

To offer a free online university, we have to be able to make money from it which we will by advertising. But we also have another project called My Humanity Forum.com which I designed to be of the top destination website for humanity after it is coded. After this new forum concept is a success, we bring out our next project called My Humanity Social Network.com -- this is the social network that one day can probably marginalize Facebook and even Google.

I can explain more about my free online university idea for any co-founder who wants to consider. This is a rewarding project also. I would like at least the following experience from co-founders- Ajax, PHP, MYSQL and Drupal. Ruby ON Rail is also could help.

Thanks for reading my request looking for help to improve the world. I truly believe future college education can be improve and be offer for free.