Miree's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Miree

I am currently working in the Corporate Strategy department of a big automotive company.
Everyday I am analyzing markets, competitors and innovations to optimize our own strategy. What shall I say? I love my tasks!
I am getting very excited when it comes to strategy formulations, market development and creative thinking. New market trends, innovations and international markets are my specialty.

Now, I am willing to take all my experience, skills and motivation to the next level by starting something own.
I have some ideas on what to create but I am open to many ideas as long as it is a project to identify with. I would love to give live to the product, create instant demand and desire in everyone who gets into contact with it.

Sounds like your project? And you are looking for a business developer/marketer with great attitude, motivation and willingness to put all their heart into the project? Let me know. You won't regret it.