Miroslav Konstantinovic

Skopje, Macedonia (FYROM)

Founder and CEO of FOEVR - Fundamental Online Education in VR
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I'm a Professor of Mathematics and Physics by vocation. Have spent a lot of years teaching others, even while I was still in secondary school, and later in college. The results were positive. Those people got better grades. Then, after me receiving a Bachelor's degree, got myself in a local primary school teaching kids these same subjects as a substitute teacher. However, the results weren't so good, primarily because Government politics got heavily and deeply involved in our (I'm speaking now for all my responsible colleagues teachers) line of work. The other problem was that the kids' parents weren't paying any attention to their education or homework. The third point was the lack of lab equipment to create the best possible physics experiments, so that the kids could see for themselves the underlying rule or formula being taught.

These were the main reasons why I started a business of education in fundamental sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology) in virtual reality (VR) environment, where my associates and contributors, who are my fellow teachers, post courses from these scientific subjects.

Now, in order for us to develop and expand this huge business, we would need some technical (preferably VR-content developer), marketing, sales, and fundraising skilled people. Advisors and mentors are welcomed as well. Anyone of these people, if he or she wishes so, has an option to become a co-founder.

It doesn't matter where you come from, as long as you possess great experience in these areas, can commit to the business like all-in, and are willing to relocate to anywhere in the world (like I am).

If you want to get to now me better, we could get together on Skype (the ID is mathandphysiccseducation), or you could simply call me on my cell +389 77 678 404.


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Ss. Cyril and Methodius


1997 - 2004