Miroslav Konstantinovic

Skopje, Macedonia (FYROM)

Founder & CEO @FOEVR, Professor of Math & Physics, Fundamental Education Passionate Tutor
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About Miroslav

FOEVR is a start-up business which aims to change the way kids acquire knowledge, especially in mathematics and natural sciences (physics, chemistry, and biology). It's a catchy name for something to remain as a legacy for our future generations, because it is pronounced similarly as "forever". It stands for Fundamental Online Education in VR (virtual reality).

Recent studies in education worldwide show lack of interest in kids to learn math and natural sciences mainly because their minds are not yet developed to a level to grasp abstract concepts solely by hearing and reading about them. They are in ages (12-13 through 18-19) when the best way for them to learn is by observing. Why? Because that is the time when they develop logical and associative reasoning and thinking. Only in adolescent period (18-20 through 25-27) they develop abstraction and are able to understand abstract concepts. VR technology can overcome this. It is fun and interesting for kids to be in this environment, which by itself sparks interest to explore and pay more attention to what has been taught in the first place. More businesses and education institutions are adopting this new technology as a way for their future operation.

We know that new, young, modern generations can easily pick up and apply the knowledge about how to use computers and smartphones, because they learn these stuff by heart in very early age (5-6 through 9-10). But, that does not mean that they can learn math and natural sciences just as easily. Also, it does not mean that they need to learn a ton of useless material. They need qualitative knowledge, not quantitative.

In addition to applying the VR technology as a platform for kids to interact with teachers and their experiments and to effectively learn new things, we must develop a new systematic approach and methodology to teach the above-mentioned sciences. That new approach is interdisciplinary.

With all these in mind, I am creating FOEVR. However, do need a co-founder to make this easier and get to market. Someone with strong skills and experience in fundraising (angel, VC, crowdfunding, or elsewhere), marketing, sales, and VR content creation (Unreal Game Engine or Unity 3D). And, must be able to seriously commit full-time on this business (not looking for someone to do this as a side gig), and go extra mile if needed.


We are only limited by our imagination. - Someone


St. Cyril and Methodius University

Professor Of Mathematics And Physics In Primary School

1997 - 2004