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Poland, Maine, US

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I´m seeking cooperation that deal with financing Project: for the manufacture of our innovative technology buses new brand of ECO Design II Life’ in Poland and the country of the investor in terms of series production. business angel, investment funds, direct investors, shareholder to my current company. Supported and created anew in nature of the JV on the basis of Capital Ventures and credit on the basis of partnership. To gather capital including 4.5 M USD (with the ability to run investments in three phases: I-1, 5; II-2, 0; III-1, 0 M USD from possibility of capital return to 63% in the period up to 36 months) to implement. The following links in a general way only brings you our product innovation and waiting. We invite all interested parties to dialogue and establish business partnerships only.


I'm a man of ups and downs. With soul and temperament of athlete, who does not give up with just some reason. I have many advantages and knowledge of the coach industry. Automotive tourism industry, in which I participate for the more than 20 years, has been my passion. The result is the achievement of an innovative proecological technology, which I implement in the production process of coaches, as well as in their operation. Being in the early stages of its implementation I will not underestimate any incoming proposals for cooperation from individuals or institutions interested in my work. - Miroslaw Krutul

Work Experience

The Chairman Of The Management Board Of The Company

Design & Components VIP Coach Sp. z o.o.

April 2009 - Today

At the beginning of the activity I developed its own innovative technology, know-how in the form of an innovative selection of materials and their manufacturing technology and application in the production of buses.Confirmed the opinion of product innovation by Industrial Automobile Institute PIMOT-Warsaw, Poland

Board Of The Company

Dealer Center Bus

August 2003 - December 2008

I have dealt with primarily through the sale of coaches in the market – coach carriers industry in Poland.

the head of the Marketing Department

Solaris Bus & Coach Sp. z o.o.

January 2002 - July 2003

the head of the Marketing Department nevertheless refer to the Buses Used in the company: Solaris Bus & Coach SP. z o.o., Bolechowo, greater Poland Voivodeship Poznań. Being responsible for the valuation and sale of buses in the procurement of a trade-in for a new factory-coaches-Solaris Vacanza.

The Chairman Of The Management Board Of The Company

Mega auto Service Sp. z o.o.

July 2000 - December 2001

driving service and made the general reconstruction of the coach brand Bova Futura DAF engine Exchange in the specialization DKX-without Eura/WS 268M with Euro-2. Adapting it to the periphery in the model converted to visually model 2000

The Chairman Of The Company

B.H.Mega auto

March 1996 - June 2000

I have been an authorized dealer of Bova on Poland by selling about 100 buses used in this set of 5. factory-new brand Bova. In parallel, working closely with a number of other concerns autokarowymi min: Vanhool, EvoBus; Jonkhere, Berkhof, Setra; NEOPLAN. In addition, at that time I was the second Top-Line PT sc being carrier coach with many tour operators of tourism by providing the services of international transport.

The Chairman Of The Management Board Of The Company

Mega Tours Sp. z o.o.

March 1989 - September 1995

Organized and lead regular bus lines (twice a week) on directions from Gdansk to cities: Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg, Paris, Rome. Using for this purpose an organized sales network in more than 300-points of sale of tickets. Carrying more than 25 000 passengers.

The owner of the Company

farm with a special

April 1986 - December 1989

I was a farm 10 hectares converting them in the specialist horticultural farm of rearing horses for recreational purposes.

Member of the national team coach and Polish Staff

Baza Mrągowo , AZS-AWF Gdańsk

January 1975 - December 1985

I was a member of the national team in a competitive Olympic classes Sailing 470, FD, Tornado. I've been repeated Polish Champion of seniors, with twice the appointment to the Olympic Team (80 and 84). In 1984, and 85 I was coach of the national team. FD and Tornado. Practicing Charles Jablonski, Roman Paszke and Stanisław Sawko. With this first I was substitute Olympics in Tallinn.


University Of Physical Education

M.Sc. ; Coach sailing regatta

1978 - 1985


Opinion of the technological innovation

Industrial Automobile Institute PIMOT-Warsaw, Poland