Misha Kessler


New York, New York, US

Advocate & Entrepreneur in Mental Health
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Update 2/08/2017 – I am currently looking for a technical cofounder (for sweat equity), so feel free to reach out. Generally speaking, software engineers and full-stack developers with experience building B2C & enterprise SaaS, algorithm-based matching and recommender engines are welcomed. Interest, experience, and passion in psychometrics and mental healthcare services are a huge plus, though not necessary.


As an undergrad and young professional, I dedicated my work to mental health care advocacy. Through my Bachelor's, 5 internships, some extensive public speaking, and multiple honorary positions, I came to a much fuller appreciation and understanding of the mental healthcare industry.

From there, I developed a pretty extensive network of advisors and mentors; I received a few awards for my work, and I still serve in diverse roles for various organizations (i.e.: the American Psychological Association, where I'm on a panel tasked with revising treatment guidelines for depressive disorders); I held my first Director-level position at 23, managing a federally-funded program and developing extensive company infrastructure and programming; I held my first co-founder position at 24 years old, in a peer support and mental healthcare app startup.

My entrance into entrepreneurship was essentially motivated by a profound frustration with the nonprofit industry. From the lack of sustainable funding to stunning levels of unprofessionalism, I decided to build a profitable business model around a strong mission – to simultaneously have a large-scale, positive impact on the world and make a good living.


"Man's ontological vocation is to be a Subject who acts upon and transforms his world, and in doing so, moves towards ever new possibilities of fuller and richer life, individually and collectively. This world to which he relates is not a static and closed order, a given reality which man must accept and to which he must adjust; rather it is a problem to be worked on and solved. It is the material used by man to create history, a task which he performs as he overcomes that which is dehumanizing at any particular time and place and dares to create the qualitatively new." - Donaldo Macedo


George Washington University

Human Services and Social Justice

2013 - 2013