Mitch Turck

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

Mitch's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Mitch

I'm likely the most generous co-founder you'll meet... not because I'm a nice guy, but because I don't want to give people room to make excuses. I quit my job and reduced my living expenses by 75% to start Vendalize. I'm a designer turned search marketer turned idea guy. I co-coordinate Startup Drinks Pittsburgh. I like big butts. I previously self-funded, worked as an early-stage hire or mid-stage hire for 3 startups, and spent my pre-startup years managing local search marketing and customer experience for small businesses. So yeah, I actually worked on Main Street, unlike the CEOs of other local search apps that still aren't profitable.

You'll be my technical co-founder, which means you're responsible for the entire stack until we get the funding to add more focused teammates who can fill your/my gaps. For now, your job starts where mine stops: front-end dev. You should be strong on mobile, excited about building a product that disrupts the disruptors, and game to participate in the accelerator we've been accepted to. Equity can be as high as 45% if you are a beautiful specimen of self-motivated programming wizardry.


Penn State University

Interactive Design / Psychology

2004 - 2004