Mitchell Dawson

Business Development, Technical

London, United Kingdom


About Mitchell

I am an IT / Communications engineer with over 10 Years’ experience in large Telco/Finance organisations, specialising in Network, Security, Voip design and implementation. I have a reasonably wide IT knowledge in general and like to "think outside of the box" when evaluating new vendors and products to select best fit solutions. I am driven by my belief in my abilities to identify and solve complex business problems with software, against a backdrop of shrinking IT budgets and resources.
My business partner and I are looking for a like-minded software developer to join us in developing our concept into an initial MVP with a view to obtaining further funding to increase the size of the dev resources down the line.
We are dedicated professionals who are extremely driven to bring a product to market which we believe could provide an opportunity to create a global brand in this very niche part of the overall IT market place.

Product Management