Mohammad Rashid

Seattle, Washington, US

Founder at Windows Metro Solutions
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About Mohammad

Mohammad Rashid is an experienced software engineer and large-scale application architect with over twenty-five years of experience in the computer industry. Mohammad has been at Microsoft for more than twenty-one years and has worked across a wealth of successful products including DOS, Office, SQL Server, and Windows.
He has worked as a development manager, lead and programmer. His expertise in technologies ranges from Windows online, Internet Services, internationalization, business applications, to low-level Assembly coding as well as Access, Reporting Services, Visual Basic, and Windows. He has successfully worked on version one products as well as complex and mature products.
Before working for Microsoft, Mohammad was one of the founding members of Alamia software, which became the largest independent software company in the Middle East.
Mohammad holds a BSc. in Mathematics, and a Master’s degree in Computers Science and Information Systems.
Research Experience:
• Designed and developed Arabic morphological analyzer. It has become the bases for multiple commercial Arabic products, such as text processing, search, dictionaries, machine translation, and speech-to-speech recognition.
• English-to-Arabic speech-to-speech recognition that uses a limited vocabulary that is used as an educational dictionary or travel companion.

Work Experience


Windows Metro Solutions

April 2012 - December 2016