Mohammad Shokri

Tehran, Iran

BackEnd Web Developer / Linux SysAdmin
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About Mohammad

I am a Terran Developer who likes beautiful code and has an adherence to standards & open-source solutions. I study Software Engineering & Security and work as a BackEnd Web Developer/Linux System Administrator in Tehran. I like to specialise in securing enterprise level web applications esp. on Unix-like platforms. As a BackEnd Web Developer I practice framework-based web application development primary using Symfony.

In my free time, you'll find me trying to find out a pattern for an ability I tried to achieve before, hacking on some random piece of code which I'm excited about, playing with Debian or BSD, or curiously Pen Testing a web suite while putting a Grey Hat on.

Influences & Values:
- Polite honesty over compliant behaviour.
- A hardcore aversion to complexity.
- Improvement over initial perfection.
- Often solve low level problems in isolation to keep focus on high level needs.
- Teaching is the best way avenue to learning.


Aptech Computer Education

B.ScIT, A.C.C.P (Aptech Certified Computer Professional)

2005 - 2008