Mohammed Shareef

London, United Kingdom

Mohammed's Skills
Product Management
User Experience

About Mohammed

I have over 15 years of experience in Software development and have worked across a wide variety of systems including Web Applications, Application Software for enterprise systems, System Software & Embedded Software for devices. My experience includes Windows, Linux & more recently cross platform mobile application development. Most of my recent work has included architecting cloud based systems with Big Data databases on the back end whereas the front end has been touchscreen kiosks or mobile apps

I recently completed a cloud based mobile app which is working on iOS, Android, Windows 8.1 & Windows 10 platforms for the healthcare sector & am looking for new challenges. I am also keen to team up with a Business/Marketing/ Co Founder who has an idea which needs to be taken to fruition or a passionate designer who would like to join forces.I also have a couple of apps

1. Location based user management app with a real time web dashboard.
2. Parking & valet management app

and would be happy to take these further if someone is interested

I am able to take responsibility for a product end to end & take it through to completion. I can also take care of setting up the software infrastructure for a start up depending on its requirements from UI to the cloud whether its FOSS (Free Open Source) or Microsoft/ Proprietary systems.

I am also interested in pervasive computing & the Internet of Things concept and would love to hear from like minded folk who are looking to develop an MVP.