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Mohi Khalili

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Startup stage
Product Management, Business Development, Programming, Technical, Sales, Marketing, Management, Finance
I have started as an employee and have 7 years of experience in IT and web development field. From 3 years ago I decided I had enough of unfair and unjustified corporate environment and decided to have my own business. I have founded 2 startups one was a yelp like app for Malaysia and second was virtual reality advertisement platform, which one of them failed because of bad partner and second one is just doing ok and not great because the market is very un-educated and skeptical about this technology. Right now, I'm a business owner and run a digital agency ( I'm coming from a freelancing world where you have to be jack of all trades. Therefore I am a programmer, business developer, Marketer, Sales person and accountant. I have several ideas and business plans, but my business is not generating enough revenue to support the initial cost of bringing these ideas to life. My industry is IT and I'm interested in web based products and startups. If you have great ideas and you want a developer to bring your idea to life, I can help you with that as well as if you are interested in investing in my products and ideas. Just drop me line and I will get in touch with you.

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