Mohith Julapalli

San Francisco, California, US

Co-Founder & CTO, SKU IQ; Stanford Engineer & Lawyer
Mohith's Skills
Product Management

About Mohith

I studied computer science at Rice, obtained my masters at Stanford, and then worked for a few years as an engineer at Oracle building dynamic web applications (becoming an expert particularly at front-end coding). I was one of 5 original members of an Oracle team that developed an innovative web application, bringing the product from concept to successful release in the market. I brainstormed product ideas, defined features, and architected and engineered the product. After Oracle, I was the lead engineer and architect at a healthcare startup.

I briefly left the engineering world to go to law school at Stanford, then practiced for a couple of years at a big law firm. I have now left my firm to pursue startup opportunities.

Work Experience


Boutiika Labs / SKU IQ

March 2012 - December 2016