Molly Struve

Wilmette, Illinois, US

Molly's Skills
Product Management

About Molly

Do you need to make some networking connections or get information in a specific area of business but don’t have the personal connections to find the people you need to talk to? My website is looking to solve that problem.

70% of jobs are found through personal connections; yet many people think the best way to get a job is to blast off hundreds of resumes on the web. My website will help people find job opportunities by introducing them to professionals in the fields they aspire to be in. On my website users will have access to accomplished professionals that are ready to meet, one-on-one, to help others get the answers or make the connections they need. It will behave like a dating website, except, instead of people looking to other people for love, they are looking for advice and networking connections.

I am working part time on my start up and I am currently working at another startup as a web development intern. But, if I find the right person I would be willing to take on my startup idea full time. The site is close to being ready for a beta. All the functionality is there, it just needs a good debugging and some refining. I also have a Prelaunch page to gather emails and gauge interest( I have managed pretty well by myself, but it would be more efficient and productive to have another developer join me. I would prefer someone in the Chicago area.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Aerospace Engineering

2010 - 2010