Southgate, Michigan, US

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First time founder

About Mon

Monica C. Stovall Creations and Innovations, creative services:

* M Precious Memoriesâ„¢ Pastel Portraits and Drawings

* M Classic Eleganceâ„¢ Fine Art Photography Prints for Home and Business Decorating

* M Type Meets Photoâ„¢ Graphic Design Prints

* M Graphic Expressionsâ„¢ Graphic Designs

* M Say It With Slidesâ„¢ Slide Show Presentations

* M Interiors & Youâ„¢ Home Goods, Home Decor, Personal Goods

* M Impressionsâ„¢ Publications of Books and Music Recordings

* M Manu-Techâ„¢ Records Management Creative Solutions Consulting

To produce art in a variety of creative forms providing:

(1) classic fine art photography prints of beauty and elegance, meeting art collectors and interior decorating home and business accent needs
(2) creations of lasting visual memory artwork for individual, family, and business luminaries through pastel portrait paintings and mixed media drawings (i.e., pencil, color pencil, rapiograph pen)
(3) graphic design prints in a variety of formats of visual images and type in the subjects of encouraging words, name meanings, design
(4) applied fine art photography and graphic design to home decor and personal goods products
5) communication through visual presentations for private and business events relating to: wedding receptions, birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, business meetings and conferences
(6) publication of fine art photography books and writings
(7) publication of music recordings in line with professional singing career
(8) creative records management soltions for businesses combining old methods and new technology methods


College for Creative Studies

One course Intro to Advertising Design

1981 - 1981