Mónica Fuertes

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Ceo and founder of GGOCUT, the world's leading clothing marketplace in digital format
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About Mónica

Design and manufacture casual clothes for ladies 6 years ago. I am a social communicator, I worked for almost 20 years as a journalist and news anchor on television and in a national newspaper. When I turned 46 I decided to follow my dream as a child. I went back to school and finished a technical course in fashion design, assembled the workshop, then a store and started producing fashion. I had the objective of creating the first Bolivian brand of casual clothes with a complete offer for sale by catalog and I did so. I presented 11 collections and 7 catalogs, always with an eye on online sales. On several occasions I tried to sell on the Internet with bank accounts abroad, because in my country we do not have an E-Commerce law, but it was not possible. There are many banking commissions to reach local financial institutions and the delivery of physical products is complicated because we do not have a postal code either. Then, while I saw online business growing in the rest of the world, I continued to work on improving the production process of my clothes and, at this point, the idea of ​​the first GGOCUT pattern market was born. Many small and medium scale manufacturers experience a problem in the first phase of production, which is the stage of pattern making. If you do not have a pattern that guarantees an assembly and perfect fit of the garment you are in trouble. And if you make fashion clothes you need a lot of patterns per month. Achieving a good pattern is a slow and expensive process, depends on scarce professionals and requires the preparation of prototypes until you get the desired effect. After many headaches I said to myself: "This problem needs a solution". Producers need many fast patterns, that is, to hire many pattern makers, something that is economically impossible if your brand is not an industry giant. Looking for help online I made a friend patron in Asturias, Spain, who told me that they also have difficult times. It was clear, it was necessary to create a global community for producers, designers and fashion designers. Nothing more perfect. In this way, GGOCUT was born, the first Marketplace of clothing patterns in digital format. My strategic partners Roger R. Rivero, Dr. Mingo Salcedo, and Marco Justiniano de Assis support the project with work and good ideas. The construction of GGOCUT began 9 months ago. Basically we are creating a different solution to usual problems. There is a lot of need and a lot of talent waiting for an opportunity. The patterns are something special because they result from a work that summarizes skill, years of experience and a great sense of proportions and aesthetics. Many have an innate ability and others develop it. Some use specialized software, others work on paper and the rest combine both techniques. GGOCUT will have a tutorial available so that everyone can prepare their product in digital format without the need for a software. Let's democratize fashion!


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