Monroe Yohey

New York, New York, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

About Monroe

My name is Monroe James Yohey. I am an Entrepreneur focused on Strategy, Creativity, and Innovation. I am profoundly interested in concepts and study of Growth, Change and Crisis Management. I am focused on working with both startups and incumbent companies and their respective leadership.

My production and strategy consulting company Image is Reality LLC develops & executes strategic plans and media productions to assist organizations grow and spread their messages, ideas, information, and stories. Please visit for more information

I am a polymath and believe in lifelong learning and development. I believe in continual growth for both companies and people. I am interested in epistemology and understanding the way we think and why. I ask question like the following:

How do we create transformative ideas?
What are the best ways to execute strategies to bring innovations to market?
How do we institute an environment that embraces change?
How do we best respond to crisis and turn it into opportunity?

I would like to have conversations with founders on this site to see if we can work in conjunction with each other towards common goals. I think clustering and cooperation between smaller companies and founders is going to be trend of future to compete globally. I am interested in working with founders and established companies as a founder, board member, or a consultant.

I have a highly proficient level of expertise in strategy (business & military history), creativity, innovation, disruptive technologies, international business management, crisis & change management, political economics, international relations, (for profit, nonprofit, ngos) currency exchange, market crises, geopolitics, energy industry economics, media and film productions, branding & marketing, and stock/options/forex markets trading operations. I have been involved with these area academically and professionally. These areas of expertise will matter increasingly to startups and established incumbent companies in the future as discontinuities are more frequent than in past with increased step function due to disruptive technologies coming to market. A series of currency wars and increased economic volatility may be a growing trend. Government shutdowns and interruptions have caused increased insecurity. Unpredictability, disruption, and exponential change requires a proactive approach to business development.