Morgan Cooper

New York, New York, US

Providing product expertise, technical thought leadership, and development resources to Startups.
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Founded 2+ startups

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About Morgan

Morgan Cooper is a software engineer and former start-up founder with experience launching data-driven products with technologies ranging from low-level distributed systems written in C/C++ to full-stack web applications.

He was previously the founding engineer at HireCanvas where he lead product and software development efforts to take his team from vision to an acquisition in just one year.

Morgan is a passionate, result-oriented, problem solver who enjoys finding simple solutions to complex challenges. He is a lifelong student that learns as much from his team as he teaches them through his mentorship and strong leadership.

His expertise is rooted in maturing prototypical systems to market scale with distributed data-driven systems that support elegant user experiences.


The dream is free, the hustle is sold separately. - Unknown

Work Experience

CTO & Lead Engineer

HireCanvas - (Acquired)

April 2015 - May 2016

Acquired by AppPoint Ventures, June 2016 - CRM Web App, Enterprise, B2B - Manage technical stack and development from concept, to design, to implementation - Support customer success and consumer facing issues - Prioritize features for client demands with sales team - Back-end/Front-end implementations with simplicity and data-driven design - postgresql, Heroku, Haml, CSS/Html, Jira, Github, RoR, and one too many Gems.

Partner & Principal Engineer


November 2016 - Today

Foundational is a group of proven technical startup founders that augment early stage teams, as on-demand lead engineers and UX designers, to smoothly navigate their inflection points of growth. Everyone knows that most startups fail, but what’s surprising is that 70% of seed-funded companies do not go on to raise a subsequent round. The infamous “Series A Crunch” is a consequence of rushing to market without having established sufficient product fit. Our mission is to help companies identify and validate their assumptions to dramatically increase their likelihood of success.


University At Buffalo

M.S Computer Science & Engineering - Parallel & Distributed systems with a focus in optimization

2008 - 2009


Badass Certification - All in one, lean, mean, building machine

Me, Myself & I


Quake - NYC


Co-working Space

Alley Chelsea - NYC

2015 - 2016