Morris Murega

Nairobi, Kenya

Lead Software Engineer
Morris's Skills
Payment Card Processing
Payment Gateways
SOA services
IOS Development
Web Services API
API Development
Java APIs
Google Maps API
Mobile Application Development
Open to networking with people holding these skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Morris

I am a Software Engineer with a strong Backend Integrations and mobile development. I offer expertise in research and development, Micro-services (Vert.x) android/IOS app development, Backend systems development, API development and integrations in SOAP and REST, Customer Support, sales support and general IT duties.
I am on a learning curve to improve myself in terms of skillset and that why I taken much interest in learning technologies like Micro-services architecture, DevOps practices, security, TDD and many more such as language specific skills.

Some of my accomplishments include:
1. Been part of the team working hard to achieve and develop Client demos on Mobile, USSD, Portals and backend Services with the aim of closing deals with clients. My key role is coordinating both front and backend teams as well as working hand in hand with the teams.
2. Having been key frontier in research on new technologies like DevOps, Automation and Securing every development Product.
3. Having successfully developed, deployed and supported sawapay mobile money transfer application for IOS and Android as well as developed seamless APIs to support the backend system for the application with minimal error rate.
4. Been the chief support officer for Coinx Inc Remit API, which is a money remittance solution with a payment solution and money transfer all over the world with integration with major banks all over the world
5. I have developed and still supporting more than 2 client USSD platforms for clients based in Kenya
6. I am proud to say I have done over 5 successful external systems integration with SOAP and REST API technologies in which 3 of them involved banks and mobile money payment processing systems. 

7. I also play the role of a deployment officer where I am tasked with distributing software systems and mobile apps on iTunes and Google play Store
8. I also play the role of Software Systems Architect for all Software development projects. In this, I come in at the very first stage of the project for requirements gathering and modelling of systems using UML diagrams to understand the complexity of the system to be developed. The result has been a better understanding of client needs and therefore creating a better solution for the client.
9. I have also developed a mobile development strategy and process for eMomentum-interactive Systems, which has since been, adopted through all mobile apps development projects.
10. Offered Support to sales team with the technical bit when selling software services to clients. This includes requirements gathering, technical proposals and cost estimates.
11. I have Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, Second Class Honors Upper Division. I have also undertaken several trainings to enhance my skills in software development and customer satisfaction over the years 

Currently I am working with Eclectics International as aTechnical Lead - Research and Development.