Moussa Aquil

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Moussa's Skills
Business Development

About Moussa

My professional career includes experience in Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, and Sales. In these disciplines I have over 25 years of experience. My work involved both the private and public sectors. I have traveled in No America, Mexico, Latin America, and Europe.

Two years ago myself and a partner formed Bedrock Energy Management, LLC to introduce a new, sustainable energy technology to No America. Currently I am working to capitalize the company. The company's goal can be summed up in its vision statement: "To provide the highest efficiency, safety, and technologically advanced services in the Energy Conversion field to our clients. We will provide these services while protecting, preserving, and improving the physical environment."

I am looking for individuals with expertise in capitalization. Our initial goal is modest at US$2M. We have projected this business sector to grow to an income of $85B US. It is wholly realistic that our company can comprise one third of that figure within 5 - 7 years with strong potential to exceed that through derivative technologies.