Moussa Sanogo

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Moussa's Skills
Product Management

About Moussa

I am a computer science senior at PHILADELPHIA with about 8 years of programming experience. I can do front-end web programming, back-end web programming, mobile programming, desktop programming, pretty much any type of programming with any language. I am a programming language concentration so I know pretty much all of the most widely used languages.

I was in a PHILADELPHIA entrepreneurship competition and I got into the semifinals. My product is pretty much ready, I just need someone business savy to turn the product into a company.

I looking for someone extroverted, good at talking with people, has a lot of business connections/contacts and good at making new ones, good at networking, promoting, etc. My product is a web product whose customers are businesses, so they would need to be good at finding the first few customers, then eventually managing a sales force. They would also need to be good at managing/creating a business start-up. Pretty much I need someone who can do everything that doesn’t include the actual product, so doing all of the legal/business stuff, doing all of the talking, finding VC, and getting the customers. Having VC connections is a plus. I am very self critical, hard working, and highly demanding of myself, and I expect a partner equally self critical, hard working, and highly demanding of himself. I also have extreme drive and passion, and I expect a partner with equal drive and passion. I would expect you to stay up with me multiple nights in a row to create a business bigger than we could of ever imagined. I would also expect you to be extremely intelligent, talented, knowledgeable, and experienced when it comes to starting a business, running a business, and making connections. Having experience when it comes to running an online based company is a must. The only reason I have such high demands and expectations is because I expect and demand just as much from myself, and I have a very good product which doesn't deserve any less.

My product is an artificial intelligence hiring system that assists companies in the hiring process by narrowing down candidates to the most talented, intelligent, and useful to your company with an accuracy that no other product or competitor can match. I'm currently trying to get a patent on my system that would literally prevent any other system to compete with results that come even close to mine. I currently have a working prototype, good enough to show or demonstrate the system.

I have a very "go big or go home" mentality, and very prepared to go to war with and dominate my competitors, and I want a partner willing to work just as hard with me.

Would love to hear from you.