Mr. Fantastic

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Mr. Fantastic's Skills
Product Management

About Mr. Fantastic

I've finished up a chemistry degree and electrical engineering degree and have a strong skills in php/java/C OOP.

I like to solve valuable business problems. I think a lot about creating valuable solutions that will have social and financial benefits in my community. I've written a calculus book, played one-on-one against a current NBA player and I'm aiming to find great people to do great projects with.

As far as my partners go, my number one priority is to make money for them right off the bat. I'm not wasting anytime whatsoever. I'm ready to go. If you've got a website and sizable amount of traffic, we should talk.

If you're trying to monetize your established business in any way shape or form, we should talk. If come this time next month you want to look into your bank account and see money going in faster than it goes out, we should talk.

Everything in this description is true. I promise :)