Mrim Boutla, PhD, GCDF

Chevy Chase, Maryland, US

Mrim's Skills
Product Management

About Mrim

We are a for-profit social venture that helps emerging and established professionals get clear, get connected, and get hired for jobs that maximize impact and income.

We distilled over 20+ years of experience with impact-driven for-profit and nonprofit employers to develop a 'Netflix for Impact Careers' online library that enables our clients to get top notch career coaching and career resources when they are ready for it. Our module-based 24/7 distribution model along with our low cost structure empowers impact-driven professionals to get hired faster for jobs that fit them.

Over the past two years, we have also partnered with over 30 universities in the US to deploy our process and resources so that career centers become as effective with impact-driven students as they are with traditional students.

We are looking for a developer/website manager with experience in eLearning and in membership-based website design to help us with product development, product optimization and online distribution.

This is an exciting position for a doer that has a demonstrated experience in implementing innovative solutions in the startup context (i.e. tight budget and time constraints).

As a for-profit social enterprise, we are a fluid environment, open to new ideas as long as they translate into implementable solutions that maximize impact and revenue.