Mucio Leite

Toronto, Canada

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Founded 2+ startups

About Mucio

I am looking to create a math platform to be used in Brazil in Portuguese.
Language is a strong barrier and usually most math websites are in English. The Brazilian Market is open to be explored.
I will sell this product directly to schools in Brazil in the local language.
I have no knowledge of technology and am looking to a partner to be in charge of the web development. This person needs to be able to decide the best system to develop the website, to create the draft of the system and develop (or create a group to develop it).
Math contents will be provided, also a sales team in Brazil.
My target is to provide the math platform to 2% of the private schools in Brazil, at a very low cost per student, monthly.
That platform will be use to provide the same services in different languages in the future to explore niche Market.
Co-founders can invest time or money in the project.
I will bring new co-investors to the start up.
I am also open to join a new venture to be explore in South America, in Spanish or Portuguese.


BA in Economics

MBA Real Estate, Finance, & International Business

1986 - 1986