Mukhtar M.

Toronto, Canada

Mukhtar's Skills
Business Development

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Mukhtar

I'm an entrepreneur, aspiring Blockchain Evangelist and a true believer that decentralization and peer-to-peer governance systems can help define a new path for the progress of humanity.

My business experience includes multiple careers in senior & executive positions with armed forces, top government agencies, global multinational corps, international NGOs, founding and managing his own successful companies that required strong competence in Leadership, Business Strategy, Marketing, Corporate Governance and Financial Management.

That gives me insider level of understanding of a bigger picture and a vision across many industries.

Based on my experience, I can draw from a wealth of perspectives for the benefit of any disruptive start-up or breakthrough idea or project.

I have multiple, natural qualifications, capabilities and strengths which were proven, developed and honed through my practical experience:
• Entrepreneurial mindset;
• Love and thrive in uncertainty and highly dynamic and unpredictable environments;
• Ability to look at the world and see if a particular perspective is unique and distinct;
• Sort through the clutter and find the best route;
• Instinctively evaluate whether or not a particular action will help in moving toward goals;
• Transform something strong into something superb;
• Excellent problem-solving skills and can get things done;
• Experienced and comfortable working and managing businesses remotely;
• Active member of the global FinTech Startup community.

Contact me at: business[dot]activator[at]gmail[dot]com


Higher Finance School

BSc Finance & Economics

1982 - 1986


Certified Management Consultant (2005-2011)